Tony Romo’s Smile

Honestly, is there anyone out there with a better smile than Tony Romo?  Just look at that grin.  The man is always happy.  He wakes up happy.  When he plays football he’s always jumping up and down, flashing those pearls to the camera.  I’m sure he probably sleeps all night looking like a million bucks.  I think it’s just the natural way his face sits; and it kind of makes me jealous.  I feel like the natural way my face sits makes people think I’m angry, or at best a non-emotional android like Data from TNG. If we ever live in a world like the movie Surrogates, and I’m getting my robot all picked out and they ask me what kind of mouth I want – I’m gonna say, “give me Romo.”

Tony, you lost me a hot fudge sundae when I bet for you over Eli in the playoffs.  I don’t care.  You are forgiven.  Just don’t listen to the haters…and keep smiling.