Dale Allison, Resurrecting Jesus, and “Seeing Things”


In  Dale Allison discusses in detail many of the issues surrounding the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth (uh..doi!).  Throughout the work, he analyzes the arguments of apologists both conservative (Habermas, Wright, etc.) and liberal.  At the end of the day, Allison, per usual, finds that the evidence is far from conclusive in either direction. On the one hand, he finds conservatives such as Habermas and … Continue reading

Jesus is so 93X


We’ve got an all rock station in Mpls.  It’s called 93X.  93X rocks. We’ve also got a popular Christian radio station in the cities called KTIS.  KTIS is for moms. Jesus is so 93X.  He parties with the guy who works at Down in the Valley…and the girl that works on the corner.  He goes to mud truck rallies in Anoka.  He hangs out with … Continue reading

Jesus, Dale Allison, and Apocalyptic Belief


Although it is not particularly well known among your average congregant, there is quite a bit of debate in academic circles surrounding Jesus and “apocalyptic eschatology.”  Among those who argue for a Jesus who had apocalyptic beliefs is Dale Allison Jr., who I have posted on several times already.  In , Allison describes what the term means: The words (“apocalyptic eschatology”) are convenient shorthand for … Continue reading

The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus: Review

historical christ

Synopsis: In The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus, Dale Allison adds to his work in the Historical Jesus field by giving brief (the book is only 120 pages) attention to methodology – how do we uncover a “historical Jesus” from our sources? – and his conclusions about the identity of Jesus based on that methodology.  In regards to these two areas, this book will … Continue reading