Materialism and the Validity of Reasoning


In Miracles, C.S. Lewis sets forth the following argument against materialism (that physical matter is all that exists): All possible knowledge, then, depends on the validity of reasoning.  If the feeling of certainty which we express by words like “must be” and “therefore” and “since” is a real perception of how things outside our own minds really “must” be, well and good.  But if this … Continue reading

Job, The Man Who Was Thursday, and Theodicy


Spoiler alert, do not read on if you happen to want to read The Man Who Was Thursday (see Book List or click the image) fresh without knowing the end. One last chance in case you change your mind. Ok, so I love this book and I love Chesterton in a lot of ways.  His, The Man Who Was Thursday, is basically an allegory for … Continue reading