An Ode to Soda

I kind of like this poetry run I’m on.  It continues….I shall call this lyrical creation:

An Ode to Soda

A Harlot in the street.
Calling me, luring the Impulsive Man to your abode.
Gaseous carbon becomes encased, saturating your smooth liquid nectar in a Divine Ratio.
States of matter somehow exist in harmonious relation.
You seduce me.

I devour you.
My delight, immediate.
Yet premonitions persist – only emptiness will follow.

Calories, merely a vacuum,
pulse through my humanity.
Riding Transit until their departure, in handles of love.
Temples pounding.
Cellular osmosis destroys the will.
Biological Reserves, meant for this emergency, seemingly absent.

I curse you, as a serpent!
I banish you from this garden.

An eternally pleasing poison.
You will soon whisper from beyond the flaming swords,
And I will answer.

  • Brandon Day

    Go a year without it, dare you. You’ll always come back to your dark master…the cocoa bean (in your case soda)