Various pages that I like…from across the spectrum of theological belief.

“Progressive” Links


  • Marcus Borg – I think Reading the Bible Again for the First Time (see Book List) is probably the book to get to help understand the divide within Christianity on key points.  I also think his delve into fiction was a success.  Not super convinced about the rest of his stuff and I don’t find his primary paradigm for understanding Jesus is as convincing as others, but maybe I’ll change my mind over time.  Very helpful liberal writer.
  • C.S. Lewis – C.S. Lewis is probably the most well known defender of Christianity in his era.  It’s hard not to love his stuff, and even for those who don’t ascribe to his theology, works like The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce will be of value.
  • Greg Boyd – Greg Boyd is an Evangelical theologian known primarily for his apologetical work.  He is controversial for espousing open theism (a view on the nature of God’s foreknowledge and abilities) and a “Christus Victor” model of the atonement.  He is also the head teaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church, in St. Paul Minnesota.  Brilliant thinker and preacher.  Even if you disagree with him (as many people do about many things!), his sermons and reflections inspire growth and will challenge complacency.
  • John Hick – Hick is probably one of the few theologians that Christians on the Left can rally around.  Lots of good stuff put out by him and I recommend a few on this site – I especially found The Fifth Dimension and God and the Universe of Faiths (see Book List) to be helpful.
  • NT Wright – N.T. Wright, what doesn’t this guy do?  He’s put out short biblical commentaries on the entire New Testament, writes “popular level” inspiration and explanation, is a leading historical Jesus researcher, and enters into the debate on Paul.  He defends a version of “the New Perspective” on Paul and a Jesus who is God’s anointed Savior.  Definitely the most popular historical Jesus guy among conservatives.

Historical Jesus

  • Early Christian Writings – Overviews some popular categories for understanding “the historical Jesus” and links to bios on major proponents of each type.
  • Dale Allison – Dale Allison’s faculty page at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  Allison is by far my favorite historical Jesus researcher.  Although it was painful at first, I felt compelled to adopt the “apocalyptic paradigm” for understanding Jesus after reading his work.  I think he gets both methodology and Jesus right.  A list of his writings can be found at the bottom of the page under “publications.”  I highly recommend The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus (found in my Book List and see my Review) as an introduction to the debate.

Biblical Studies

  • New Testament Gateway – A wealth of resources for New Testament geeks.
  • Peter Enns – Kind of arbitrary to put him down here and not under “Theologians,” but for some reason I see him as more of a Biblical Studies guy.  Enns tries to take the “data of Scripture” and find a convincing model for how to understand it from an Evangelical perspective.  If words like “accommodation” and “genre” get your heart fluttering and you consider yourself an Evangelical, check out his Inspiration and Incarnation.  He’s also big into the Science and Faith dialogue due to his controversial views on the historicity of Adam.


  • Experimental Theology – Blog of Richard Beck, experimental psychologist at Abilene Christian University.
  • Internet Monk – “continuing Michael Spencer’s legacy of Jesus-shaped spirituality.”  I like that phrase.
  • Rachel Held Evans – Interesting Christian writer and blogger.  I recommend her Evolving in Monkey Town on the site.
  • Big Questions Online – “Aims to ask and explore the Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality, with a focus on science, religion, markets, morals, and the dynamic intersection among them.”  Tons of crazy good stuff here.
  • Relevant Magazine – “Since 2003, RELEVANT has been the leading magazine covering God, progressive culture and intentional living. The stories we tell are at the intersection of faith and culture—the places where life is really lived. Our magazine is not about “being relevant”—it’s that God is relevant, He is relevant to every aspect of our lives.”
  • The Simple Way – “The Simple Way is a web of subversive friends, conspiring to spread the vision of ‘Loving God, Loving People, and Following Jesus’ in our neighborhood and in our world.”


  • The Veritas Forum- If you enjoy “God debate type stuff” – you finna like this.