Jesus is so 93X

We’ve got an all rock station in Mpls.  It’s called 93X.  93X rocks.

We’ve also got a popular Christian radio station in the cities called KTIS.  KTIS is for moms.

Jesus is so 93X.  He parties with the guy who works at Down in the Valley…and the girl that works on the corner.  He goes to mud truck rallies in Anoka.  He hangs out with people who don’t have college degrees.  He gets pissed off and flips stuff over in well-respected establishments…He probably had tattoos.

But what’s most 93X about Jesus is his passion and his refusal to turn away from or minimize the evil in the world.  He looks at the poor and abandoned and desperate and then he looks at the rich and pompous and says, “What the ****?!”  He’s pissed.  He knows something is wrong.  God’s realized Kingdom DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS…IT CAN’T.

So he proclaims a future that he knows must be.  A future where many of the rich and powerful are cast into the outer darkness and the poor are comforted.  A future where the tables are turned.  Where the first are last and the last are first.  Where the sheep are not stomped on and exploited by the goats day after day.  Because it’s the only way to make sense of a Good God and a world filled with evil.  Thy Kingdom must come…someday.

Jesus spent his ministry kicking the crap out of demonic forces and conceived of his mission, at least in some respects, as initiating the downfall of Satan.  He might listen to Third Day, but it’s only before he goes on stage as Rage Against the Machine.

Jesus is a prophet…not Joel Olsteen.