I made a pen name … John Marcott.  Then I made a blog … this one.  Now I write down my thoughts.  It’s therapeutic.

As the little subtitle in that artsy header suggests, I mostly write about modern Christian faith and spirituality.  I do so from a religiously liberal perspective.  If you’re curious about what I think that means or my journey towards that perspective, well that’s what those hyperlinks are for:)  Ultimately, I’d like to figure out what loving God and neighbor looks like; then I’d like to get over myself and actually do it.  Sometimes this writing thing helps with that.  Sometimes I write poems about Ke$ha.  It’s really kind of a grab bag.

In real life I spend my time teaching high school, coaching football, sitting at McDonalds and refilling my drink an absurd amount of times, lighting and smelling Yankee Candles, coming up with get rich quick schemes, loving/hating abstract art, and just wandering around my neighborhood aimlessly.  I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biblical and Theological studies and, when I return from my aimless strolls, still often find myself reading in those areas.  I also just started wearing argyle socks.  But I digress…

If either spirituality or Ke$ha pique your interest, browse to your heart’s content!  If not, at least watch this video and experience a heart melting.