Jesus is so 93X


We’ve got an all rock station in Mpls.  It’s called 93X.  93X rocks. We’ve also got a popular Christian radio station in the cities called KTIS.  KTIS is for moms. Jesus is so 93X.  He parties with the guy who works at Down in the Valley…and the girl that works on the corner.  He goes to mud truck rallies in Anoka.  He hangs out with … Continue reading

Sermon on the Mount Remix


The Sermon on the Mount is one of the more well known passages in the Bible.  While most scholars don’t think that there was an actual “sermon” during which Jesus made all of these statements (it’s usually viewed as an artificial scene in which the Gospel writer brings together different elements of Jesus’ teaching), Matt 5-7 sums up a lot of the religious thought and … Continue reading