About Me

My pen name is John Marcott.  I like to be mysterious and have always wanted a pen name.  So …mission accomplished:)

Nothing soothes me more than a cup of jasmine green tea.  Broomball keeps me living up North.  Even though Justin Bieber lost the heavenly voice of his youth and will probably soon go crazy as all young pop stars must, I still love him.  My bowling average is approaching 190.  I eat candy when I’m upset.  I work in high school education full time and coach football on the side.  And I started a blog…this one.

There is nothing more interesting to me than the questions of religion.  Why are we here?  Who are we?  What is our story?  How do we live?  I spend a lot of my time thinking about these questions, so I thought, why not write it down?  Hence, blog.  Briefly, I grew up and was educated in Evangelical circles, but have gone through the incredibly disorienting experience of moving towards the Liberal Church…and I don’t quite know what that means.  This is my attempt to think out loud and figure that out.  I’d like to know what truly loving God and loving my neighbor looks like.  And then I’d like to get over myself and focus on trying to live that out.