Dr. Quantum and Speaking Your Decisions

dr quantum

Doctor Quantum is a beast…how crazy is that?  How crazy is reality?  We don’t know squat. A thought I have had several times is picturing the relationship between our thoughts and actions like these wave functions.  When we just go around with a particular debate running in our head (should I give more income to charity?  should I volunteer here?  should I call my Grandma … Continue reading

Job, The Man Who Was Thursday, and Theodicy


Spoiler alert, do not read on if you happen to want to read The Man Who Was Thursday (see Book List or click the image) fresh without knowing the end. One last chance in case you change your mind. Ok, so I love this book and I love Chesterton in a lot of ways.  His, The Man Who Was Thursday, is basically an allegory for … Continue reading

Tony Romo’s Smile


Honestly, is there anyone out there with a better smile than Tony Romo?  Just look at that grin.  The man is always happy.  He wakes up happy.  When he plays football he’s always jumping up and down, flashing those pearls to the camera.  I’m sure he probably sleeps all night looking like a million bucks.  I think it’s just the natural way his face sits; … Continue reading

The Breaking Point

This is pretty much a word for word copy of a journal entry I made when the questions became too much.  The straw had broken the camel’s back and my world was crashing.  It’s not polished and it’s full references to authors or events that won’t make sense to everybody.  I also repeat some themes several times.  But it’s real… My Struggle (November 1, 2010 … Continue reading

What’s good, World?

OK, getting this blog up and running.  If anyone stumbles upon it in the near future, it’s a work in progress:)  If you’re reading this, send a greeting of some sort my way.  It’d be nice to know if anyone’s out there… J. Marcott